Monday, 13 June 2016

Camp Recount

Camp Recount

Ewww!!!!!! I’m not doing this never ever ever ever.
There’s mud there’s eels there’s everything.
“AHHHHH” a eel just jumped.
“What if I drown” I say to myself.

The water stinks so bad I can only just smell the fresh air.
O.K I’m gonna jump.
5...4....3…..’Tia!’I yelled.
She pushed me in “AHHHHH” I scream.
The water’s so freezing I feel like I’m in Antarctic,swimming in the ice-cold water with the penguins.
There’s an eel circling around my feet.
Here come the sandflies.
Running away I notice the next obstacle the fire pit here we go again…

By Jessica

Camp Poem

The camp was usual enough  :it had
Smoke from the cookout,even blackberries I never ate.My friends and I did what girls do-at night talked ontil we couldn’t ,made the teachers heads exploed,loved the horses and complain about the food.
Doing nothing important.
By Jess Mill
Inspired by James K Baxter


Many years ago the patupaiareha would swim around lake taupo gobbing up all the people who swam in the water.

One day my family and I were out on the boat and we saw something really big in the water.At first thought it was a shark,but then we saw legs...human legs. “It can’t be a human”I said “Because we are out so deep”
“Yeah also because I haven’t seen it breathe once”
Dad said.Dad went and got the net and I got out the knife.We waited about another hour and then we saw it! “Now” I yelled.Dad dropped the net down.Suddenly the net got really heavy and Dad pulled the net up.There it was it looked a fish crossed with a human.Within a minute I stabbed the fish-human to death.Blue blood came pouring out of the body so knew it wasn’t a human it was a CREATURE!!!!

Dad and I heaved the creature out of the boat.The fish started to nibble on it.It never was seen again.

Piano Rock I have a photograph..............

I have a photograph. It was taken in a theme park called Sea World in Australia.A photo of us-Dad, Georgia, Thomas and I.I am young just turned 8.There we are posing with the ninja turtles just about to see the penguins.We had just see a show called sherrif seal where they had solved a crime about the missing fish.In front of us is the strange photographer taking our photo.Behind us is the is the army-coloured van.Beside us is the long line waiting to have their turn.

Friday, 6 May 2016

A moment in time

Ok,I am about to cross the big line of rocks.The wind is howling like a hungry bear.I wonder what  will happen if a fish or eel bits my numb,dead toes and my toes bleed and the blood drips into the water then a shark comes and bites my head off.I can feel the cold icy water.I can hear the small but loud waves roaring as they crash in to the shore.I can see the rocks getting smaller and smaller as the water takes over them.I’m all really halfway there.Th birds are starting to sing.Ok,only ten more metres to go.I did it!I made it over the rocks.That’s the last time I do that.


A Journey throught the mind of Jess