Monday, 13 June 2016


Many years ago the patupaiareha would swim around lake taupo gobbing up all the people who swam in the water.

One day my family and I were out on the boat and we saw something really big in the water.At first thought it was a shark,but then we saw legs...human legs. “It can’t be a human”I said “Because we are out so deep”
“Yeah also because I haven’t seen it breathe once”
Dad said.Dad went and got the net and I got out the knife.We waited about another hour and then we saw it! “Now” I yelled.Dad dropped the net down.Suddenly the net got really heavy and Dad pulled the net up.There it was it looked a fish crossed with a human.Within a minute I stabbed the fish-human to death.Blue blood came pouring out of the body so knew it wasn’t a human it was a CREATURE!!!!

Dad and I heaved the creature out of the boat.The fish started to nibble on it.It never was seen again.

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